Information Management Simple Way

Dekan Group supports its clients to face the new challenges of the digital transformation. Based on their daily organizational needs, Dekan Group advises companies to establish a strategy responding to the market changes and keeping pace with the competition.

For more than 10 years, we provide strong document and process management solutions, facilitating the understanding and use of your enterprise information. We analyze, develop, create solutions in line with client business objectives. Through our centers of expertise, we promote a relevant, efficient and ease of use of the information for all stakeholders of a company.


One of the major challenges in creating a process management solution is the understanding of the objectives and the needs of the users. Our strong consultancy team supports our clients for many years:

  • In the definition of digital strategy and its implementation
  • In the selection, evaluation and comparison of cost-effective solutions
  • In the assistance in the identification of partners or resources
  • In the assistance of the project management
  • In the establishment of the information governance

Document & Process Management

We implement simple and innovative management solution, based on leader market platform as Microsoft SharePoint or Alfresco allowing quick implementation and bringing added value to end-users. The selected system must optimize the processes within an organization, guarantee a full access to the multiplicity of data and endorse an optimal collaboration, sharing and tracking.

Development Capabilities

We use an Agile approach to respond promptly and consistently to the specific needs of our customers. We have optimized our processes in order to stimulate an intensive collaboration, while being able to adapt to the working methods of our customers. We have also developed worldwide partnerships allowing to rely on competencies specialized in many technologies and bringing cost-effective and timely solutions.

Due Diligence Simple Way.

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